Detailing & Restoration Services Offered:

    Let Craftsman Landscapes give it the attention it needs to thrive.  We are a licensed landscape contractor that knows what your trees, shrubs, and lawn need to look their best.  The average gardener provides a much needed service of “mow and blow” but let’s face it, most don’t know much about plants, pruning, irrigation or low voltage lighting.  We understand that a gas hedge trimmer and a weed whacker are not all purpose pruning tools.  We'd much rather use a sharp pair of clippers and loppers instead.      We know that not all plants should be shaped like a cube or a ball.  Sprinkler heads should be pointed at the lawn and not the driveway.  Drip tubes shouldn't be little geysers and low voltage lighting should actually provide light and stand up straight.  And when it’s time to clean-up we think a rake and broom work just fine.  Whenever possible we don’t use noisy gas trimmers, hedgers or blowers.  We take the time to prune trees, hedge shrubs and even rake leaves by hand.  It’s not the fastest way but it is more precise, less destructive and better for the environment.

   * Prune trees and shrubs

   * Repair and maintenance of conventional and drip irrigation systems

   * Repair and maintenance of low voltage lighting

   * Apply new bark and mulch

   * Plant new trees and shrubs

   * Remove dead or unwanted plants

   * Plant beds with seasonal flowers

   * Fertilize and weed control

   * Plant pots and window boxes

   * Repair or replace lawns

   * Create maximum “curb appeal” if you are selling your home

Landscaping Installation  Services Offered:

   * Landscape design.

   * Drip and conventional irrigation systems.

   * Low voltage lighting.

   * Stone, brick and concrete patios and walkways.

   * Trellises and arbors.

   * Garden paths and walkways.

   * Fences and gates.

   * Container gardens of all types.

   * New lawns from sod or seed.

   * Plant selection and installation.

   * Install fountains & garden ornaments.

   * Landscape restoration and renovation

   * Consultation for do-it-yourselfers